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The Digital Agency of Smart Brands.

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Business Logo

In the minds of many, a business logo is just a combination of shapes with hues scattered all round and the business name placed beside or under.

For them, anything at all can pass as a good logo. There is more to a business logo than these.  Besides, a good logo adds value to your brand. The following are reasons why your business/brand needs a good logo.

(1) First Impression

It’s likely that the first contact the public would have with your business is your logo. This in itself explains why your logo must be great. You can’t afford to lose potential clients with a badly designed logo. Impressions are formed in split seconds. A good business logo is a tool to quickly lock up your brand in the minds of the viewer. This is why “memorability” is a key requirement for every logo.

(2) Identification

Early trade history reveals that old-times sellers placed a mark on their products (livestock) to show ownership and for identity . This is similar to what a good business logo does today. Your logo is your business. It shows you own the business and gives your business a clear identity. This helps the public to differentiate your brand for competitors.

(3) Stimulates Purchase

A couple of factors can influence buyers to purchase a product. A well designed business logo is part of these factors as it can stimulate people to purchase your product. A good logo makes your brand look professional and “ready-for-business” (even if it’s actually not. lol). This messes up with the mind of buyers and pushes them to buy your product.

(4) Top-of-the-mind effect.

A logo when designed properly can give your business the top-of-the-mind effect. The truth is that there are several other brands that do you what you. A way to stand out amongst them and enjoy competitive advantage is to have a good business logo. Sometimes, the name of you brand can be forgotten by people but if the logo is simple and memorable, it would pop up in their minds when they need services that you render.

As a parting shot, businesses should consider how well their logos are working for them. For startups, I advice that you look into your logo properly at the early stages of your business and make corrections if need be. You can consider contracting us at Image boosters to give you a great logo.


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