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Stop Wasting Money on Social Media Ads.

If you won’t do the ads targeting it right…..

Just as Television Ads were disruptive years ago, Social Media Ads are shaking up the Advertising Industry. Even though Advertisers aren’t specific about which is working most for different brands, Studies have shown that Advertisers now devote almost 35% of Advertising budget to social media. 

Social Media acceleration might be the fastest in technology seeing as it took Social Media just 3.5 years to reach 50% Adaptation. 

So we get it. Social Media is king, especially for small businesses. This has created a level playing ground for everyone. With Facebook, you can create cheap ads for Facebook and Instagram and reach thousands of people.

This saturation of social media Ads has de-sensitized viewers. Audiences are simply not paying attention to banner social media advertising. And these ads are not having direct impact on sales. Viewers are determined to block out advertisements and content that doesn’t interest them. I recently found a study that said the average “click-through rates” on internet ads are just 0.01% .

Would you consider this event planner?

Photo credit : Kata2uevents Instagram

I recently stumbled on this IG Ad by an even planner and thought “Why would anyone with an Event Planner budget be convinced by this Ad?’’ . Oh well….

Your Adverts should tell a story , incite emotions or create a shocking effects. Give viewers a reason to choose you among thousands of other brands. So before you create your next Social media Ad make sure you know you are doing it right.

So how do you put out convincing and profitable Ads for your business? The answer is to leverage the interactivity, visual and video capabilities, and multi-platform availability of social media. Ads that don’t simply advertise your products but nudge towards them. Ads that entertain, amuse , educate your target audience.

These are some of the best examples for Social media Adverts that you should consider.

User Generated Content: UGC-based ads get 4x higher click-through rates and a 50% drop in cost-per-click than average Adverts. Engagement increases when your audience are exposed to customer testimonials,experiences and reviews, especially when it’s creative and seemingly genuine.

Competition and Challenges: Challenging users to play a kind of game while promoting the brand can work especially if your goal is to build brand awareness. A good example that comes to mind is Blingshiki, An indigenous embellished danshiki brand. They had an advertorial challenge that had people pronounce their name as fast as possible to win their products. It was quite engaging and interesting.

Creative Visual Communication: Visual communication conveys an idea through visual aid. It therefore, relies purely on vision. If your business is kind of creativity inclined you really should consider this. Show your target audience what you can do through your Adverts instead of just listing your services. A good example of this (If i do so say myself, lol!) is what we created for Image Boosters . 

Viral Content: Viral content includes memes, videos, and other pieces of content that go viral and attract huge numbers of likes, views, comments, and shares. Lacasera does something like this currently using Instagram influencers to make viral songs about Lacasera. This really works for brand awareness and visibility.

Creating interactive and smarter Social media Adverts can help brands in differentiating themselves and getting great return investment on social media. 



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