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Social media advertising

Social Media Advertising is a way product, contents and services are promoted on social media platforms for maximum reach and basically conversions. Often times, people just create content and miraculously think they will reach their intended target audience, but eventually get little reach and ultimately no conversions.

Pushing content on Social media requires you to know the type of content you intend to get out there and what social media platform best suit the content for maximum engagement and conversion. Your content needs to be tailored to your target audience and what social media they are most active on. Having a niche and unique content style will help reach your target audience.

At image boosters, we offer social media management and marketing packages for brands and small businesses. Below, I have listed 6 social media hacks you should know.



1 Give out freebies:

There is nothing as good giving out gifts to people for little effort, once people understand that they stand a chance to win something that’s useful to them, they will always return for more and engagement will increase, But make sure these gifts won’t be consequential to your ROI.

2 Tag Influencers:

Look at people with a large media following and engagement with similar interest. Tag them in your post to encourage them to share your content. Follow them and drop comments sometimes on their post.


3 Ask Questions, Create Poll, Create Controversies.

Give people an avenue to talk by tailoring your content around trending topics, hashtags, and keyword. With more content you curator around those trending topics, you are sure to get your content ranked and people to get engaged with it.


4 Get Friends to like and share content

There is a high tendency for contents that get a lot of engagement in the first couple of minutes of posting to rank high and are pushed further up social media timelines. A useful tool to use for hooking up multiple accounts for automatic social media sharing is This will aid in your friend to help in sharing your contents without prompting them or waiting for them.


5 Schedule post

You have to schedule your post and watch out for when to post your content. Most people pick up their phones in the morning to catch up with what they missed overnight on social media. There is also the tendency for traffic to increase around evenings since most people will be in transit and also would want to catch up with what they missed while at work.


6 know Target Your Audience

There are various Social Media platforms, their use, with different age demographics. Curating your content that will best suit an age bracket will get people who require your type of your content served to reach them. i.e Studies show there are more millennials(18-24) on Instagram, so curating contents that will appeal to that age gap will often get engagements.


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