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Organic Marketing: Best way to increase your Brand Value

Organic marketing strategy

Why organic marketing is the best way to increase your brand value


Whether a start-up, SME or multinational corporation, at some point in your life cycle you will have to address your organic marketing.


There are very few organizations that have the funds to outright buy themselves the traffic or site visibility they desire; and even if they do, it is unlikely that most would be able to sustain it.


To completely neglect the organic side of your digital strategy would be short-sighted (to say the least). So why is organic marketing (search, social, content & reputation) such a vital ingredient when it comes to building your website’s (digital properties) asset value?


Put simply, organic marketing is the ‘bricks & mortar’ for any website as it delivers relevant audiences to your owned property and earns you recurring visitors.


Organic Marketing vs. Paid Media

So where do we start? Well, let’s begin by differentiating between different media types. It’s common practice to divide media into three main categories – Owned, Earned and Paid Media.


At inception, the only property you can truly label as an asset is your owned media.


By owned property we typically mean your website, blog, mailing lists and social media accounts or social pages (although you never really own your social media property and there is a remote chance of losing this asset should the platform owners have different plans).


These owned properties are your assets that need attention and focus in order to increase value


Earned media, by definition requires effort. But it’s not effort alone that produces results. It can also depend heavily on the brand, the USP’s and/or UX.

But when focusing on digital marketing, applying effort to content, organic search and social media marketing will hopefully earn you trust, authority, and reputation.

Paid media, although very effective, rarely builds you true assets, especially if you are a start-up or   SME with limited funding. Using another property metaphor, think of paid media as renting and organic marketing as paying off your mortgage.


Which organic marketing components drive asset value?

We’ve already touched on the role your brand plays in earned media. Looking at the bigger picture,   we have to assume that your business has some sort of USP.

Perhaps clever technology, maybe you are solving a problem or you have a viable product or service to sell. If not, there is no amount of marketing in the world that will make a difference.

 What better place to start than with Content?

The cornerstone of digital marketing’. After all, without content what do we have?

The aim is to build asset value page by page; producing relevant, quality, unique, in-demand content.

You may choose to answer popular questions or help solve popular problems. But why is content important?

Well, each viable piece of content will generate eyeballs via organic search traffic and will feed your social channels or give you a reason to engage in helpful conversations with your audiences.

In an ideal world, we want as much evergreen content as possible. The great thing about evergreen,  quality content is that it generates relevant visitors virtually for free (over time) and gives you the opportunity to re-share time after time.

There is one easy and the best way to organic marketing, You want to know? Follow us on here for subsequent publications. Be Sociable, Share after reading.





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