Green Silicon Carbide Powder

Green silicon carbide powder 

1.Microcosmic shape is a hexagonal crystal, Mohs hardness is 9.3, Vickers hardness is 2940-3300 kg/mm, microhardness is 2670-2815 kg/mm3.
2.Among abrasives, silicon carbide's hardness is higher than corundum, and ranked below diamond, CBN and boron carbide.
3.Density generally viewed is 3.20g/ mm3 , density of heap is 1.2-1.6g/ mm3 , specific gravity is 3.20~3.25.
4.Raw material are petroleum coke and quality silicon sand, appended with salt, then smelted in electric arc furnace. Mechanical strength is higher than corundum.

Silicon Carbide is characterized by its high wear resistance and good mechanical properties


  • Low density and high strength  
  • Good resistance to high temperature  
  • Good wear resistance and anti-friction properties  
  • Excellent resistance to sudden changes in temperature  
  • Good chemical resistance and oxidation resistance
  • Low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity (superior to steel)
  • Good electrical conductivity

Main applications:

solar wafer, semiconductor wafer and quartz chip wire sawing and lapping; bonded and coated abrasive tools; stone polishing; processing metal and non-ferrous metal with low tensile strength, such as gray pig iron, brass, aluminum, stone, leather and rubber.

Particle size comparison of commonly used abrasive

Particle size distribution (micron)Chemical IndexPhysical Index
SizeD3D50D94SiC ≥(%)Fe2O3≤(%)F•C ≤(%)PHValueDensity of heapMagnetic Materials≤(%)

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