Green Silicon Carbide Grits

Green Silicon carbide Grits

Green silicon carbide 130um F100 mesh is suitable for silicon carbide abrasive wheels. Its hardness of it only ranks after diamond and B4C, and it is harder than black silicon carbide. So it is suitable for grinding a large range of hard materials such as titanium alloy, marble, carbide alloy, optical glasses, ceramics, etc.

Green Silicon Carbide is produced at high temperature in an electric resistance type furnace with quarts of sand and petroleum coke. The SiC purity of green silicon carbide is up to 99%min. It is an artificial brittle SiC with high thermal conductivity and high strength which get no decrease at 1000 centigrade.

Typical physical properties of Green Silicon carbide Grits

Mohs Hardness:9.5
Vickers Hardness:3100-3400kg/mm2
Specific Gravity:3.2g/cm3
Bulk density(LPD):1.2-1.6 g/cm3
Particle shape:Hexagonal
Melting Point:Dissociated at about 2600 centigrade
Maximum service temperature:1900 centigrade
Thermal conductivity0.013 cal/cm2.sec (900°C)
Thermal expansion coefficient7-9 x10-6 /℃(0-1600°C)

Chemical analysis of Green Silicon carbide Grits

Chemical ContentF20-F220F230-F2000
SiCMin 99%Min 98.5%
SiO2Max 0.50%Max 0.70%
F,SiMax 0.20%Max 0.40%
Fe2O3Max 0.10%Max 0.15%
F.CMax 0.20%Max 0.30%
L.O.IMax 0.05%Max 0.09%

Product Feature of Green Silicon carbide Grits

  • Extremely high hardness (Mohs 9.5, Vickers 3100-3400kg/mm2) with high wear-resistance ability. The hardness of SiC decrease with the increase in temperature. But still, even at the temperature of 1200°C, the hardness of green SiC is about twice that of fused alumina.

  • Excellent chemical resistance and oxidation resistance. When heated at high temperatures, silicon carbide only oxidizes on the surface, forming a silicon dioxide film. The film can protect the silicon carbide material from oxidation. As a result, even at 1600°C, green SiC can maintain stability to most strong acids and alkalis.

  • High Toughness. The toughness of silicon carbide abrasive refers to the difficulty of breaking under the action of external force. Taking F46 grit as an example, the toughness of carborundum tested by the static pressure method is about 68-78%. Compared with fused alumina, the mechanical strength of silicon carbide is higher. F120 for example, the compressive strength of silicon carbide is 186KN/cm2, and the compressive strength of corundum abrasive is 100KN/cm2.

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance with low thermal expansion coefficient. At a temperature of 25-1400 °C, the average thermal expansion coefficient of silicon carbide is 4.4x10-6/°C, while the thermal expansion coefficient of fused alumina is 7-8x10-6/°C.

  • High-temperature resistance; high-temperature strength. The melting point of green silicon carbide is 2600 °C, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 1900 °C. Applying silicon carbide to the inner wall of the engine can increase the life of the engine.

  • High purity. The green silicon carbide grain from us is milling from A grade green SiC block. Then sieve to high consistency particles.

Applications of Green Silicon carbide Grits

GC grinding wheel for StoneF46,F60,F80,F120,F150,F180,F220
Cutting disc for marble/Glass/graphiteF36,F46
Bonded Grinding WheelF46,F60,F80,F120,F150,F180,F220
Polishing wheel, Sanding disc



Honing stone, whetstoneF800,F1000,F1200,F1500,F2000
Diamond sanding discF500,F600,F800,F1000,F1200,F1500

Specification of Green silicon carbide:

Grit1233 and 45Q5max,%

FEPA Gritds50-value (μm)
F 23053.0 ± 3
F 24044.5 ± 2
F 28036.5 ± 1.5
F 32029.2 ± 1.5
F 36022.8 ± 1.5
F 40017.3 ± 1
F 50012.8 ± 1
F 6009.3 ± 1
F 8006.5 ± 1
F 10004.5 ± 0.8
F 12003.0 ± 0.5
F 15002.0 ± 0.4
F 20001.2 ± 0.3

Production details of Green silicon carbide:



Q: What is the difference between green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide?

A: First of all, Green silicon carbide has a higher purity of SiC(99%), black silicon carbide SiC purity is min 98%. Secondly, green silicon carbide is harder than black silicon carbide.

Q: Is the green silicon carbide powder from you by airflow sieving or water sieving?

A: Our green silicon carbide powder is made by the water sieving process. So the particles are of high consistency.

Q: What are the HS code and CAS NO. of silicon carbide?

A: HS code is 2849200000. CAS NO. is 409-21-2.

Q: Is there any restriction to export silicon carbide material from China?

A: Yes, it has to get an export license to export. We will provide it to customs.

Q: How many kgs of free samples can we get?

A: We provide free samples of less than 1 kgs. Clients have to bear the express cost and DGM certificate cost.

Q: How do you inspect products before delivery?

A: We will check items of chemical, density, particle size distribution, and packing before delivery. After delivery, we keep samples of each batch for 3 months.

Q: Do you demand MOQ?

A: MOQ is 1 bag, always goes 25kgs. The transportation cost will be higher than that of 1MT.

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