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Five Engagement rules For Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

Every brand hopes to remain relevant in the ‘face’ of investors, partners, clients, customers and potential clients, thereby making Instagram marketing an essential tool for the growth of every business or brand.

Now there are different methods of Instagram marketing from the conventional method down to digital marketing.

Social media of recent has been used widely by most brands and businesses to reach a wider and expanse reach because of its limited or no restrictions sometimes.

Today, we would be focusing on educating you about Instagram Marketing.

What is Instagram? Some of us have personal Instagram pages where we put up our pictures and get our followers to like and create a conversation about it. 

Really what Instagram would mean to businesses is a social media platform that enables brands and businesses to share graphical representation, i.e photos, videos of their products and services with clients, customers, fans and potential clients.

For marketing purposes and branding purposes, it is quite important for businesses and brands to engage followers on this platform.

At image boosters, we have amazing packages on social media management for small and medium businesses to help improve on their digital marketing strategy which in turn increases business leads.

5 rules to create engagement on your page for Instagram marketing purposes:

1. Consistency: Posting on your page always and in a timely fashion keeps your brand relevant and more attractive to your followers and potential followers.

For most brands, it is advisable to post at least 2 to 3 times daily on your page to keep it always refreshed. Also, one must consider the relevance of posts and how recent and trend it is before putting it out there

2. Optimize your profile: Put out your logo and make it a standout feature of your page. Make sure your Bio and about me are the most recent details about your brand or business such as address, profile, email, call number, etc

3. Always start a conversation: According to analytics, businesses learn more about their followers, fans and what they want or what they would prefer. So ask questions in your posts. Interact with them. Put yourself out there.

4. Make the most of your caption: The less said, the better. Target and captivate your audience through your captions and what you say about your services and products.

Also, involve the use of hashtags to reach others who are not yet your followers but might be interested in what you have to offer. Posts with at least 11 hashtags get more interaction with those that do not have according to research.

5. Respond to comments and mentions: Last but not the least, every brand or business needs to add a humanistic feel on their page towards followers and fans by responding to comments be a question or just to engage a thread and make conversation likely.

It brings people to want to come back to your page and also have a feeling that your account is not just managed by a bot or automated machine but an actual human that cares about what people think about the brand or service.



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