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The Digital Agency of Smart Brands.

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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising needs no introduction, businesses and groups are taking advantage of Digital media to further increase awareness and sales in Nigeria.

Digital marketers are essential in all industries now and almost every business can be found online.

Even though everyone seems to be familiar with Digital marketing in Nigeria,  great returns on investment aren’t mostly enjoyed and this can be attributed with most brands not understanding the appropriate channels to use and proper evaluation of metrics.

Digital advertising is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

As a full-service creative agency, we are often asked which platform is better for advertisement and why.

There is a straight line for this because a lot of factors must be considered too before making digital advertising decisions.

Google and Facebook Ads are the most popular platforms for Digital Advertising in Nigeria. It is important to understand these platforms in order to select the best channel to use.

Based on experience, advertising on Facebook is more cost effective than Google if you are operating in a consumer market but Google certainly has its pros as well.

For better understanding and to help you choose which of the platforms to advertise on, let’s list the pros and cons of each platform.



  • Complete control of your budget
  • More targeting options such as regions, interests, income bracket and other demographics
  • You can use an image to capture the attention of your target audience, this will increase interest in your services.
  • You can market to people before they are even aware of their needs or searching for them
  • Campaigns are easier to track
  • Cost per click is relatively cheap.
  • Facebook ads are easier to set up

Don’t get too excited, Facebook certainly has its cons too and you should know before jumping in.


  • If set up and managed incorrectly it can be expensive but still not as much as Google Adwords
  • Best suited for B2C markets
  • Reaching a larger audience can sometimes be irrelevant
  • Reaching people to early may mean low conversion



Google Adwords


  • Targeting options include time and days of the week
  • Different advertising options including display, search and retargeting
  • Measuring tools that make advertisement easy to track
  • Large potential audience



  • Set up and manage time can be time-consuming
  • Depending on your target audience, advertising to a large audience can be irrelevant
  • Unless you use other forms of google advertising such as YouTube you cant  include products to sell
  • Limited space within your ads.
  • Cost per click is quite substantial


Digital Advertising in Nigeria is more geared towards Facebook than Google AdWords in Nigeria at the moment for reasons that include mobile internet use.

Most marketers now target their audience using social media since a great percentage of their target audience are quite active on social media plus it’s also cost-effective.

We still use both platforms depending on our client’s product and budget but if we had to choose, we are definitely team facebook.


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