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CONTENT MARKETING: The Long but sure way to growth

Content marketing is the consistent curation and distribution of  high value content to your audiences. 

What is content? Content is all the stuff your business creates to communicate with its audience. It can take the form of serious to informational to funny and everything in between. Content affords your business the rare opportunity to communicate a unique value proposition and carve out space as a thought leader in your industry.

Content in all forms is viable, but companies do different things based on their unique selling propositions and customer personas. Below, I’ll discuss a few of the largest forms of content and explain why Content marketing remains the surest way to your business growth.


Email marketing deserves its own conversation, but for our purposes, Email marketing looks like an old but the most authentic form of content marketing. If you have your mailing list, best believe that you are sending your weekly, or monthly newsletter to your direct users and customers.


Original written content published on company’s online assets are a big way to content marketing. Blog posts allow the business to communicate easily their Unique value proposition and selling point.

  • 3. VIDEO

The internet is becoming very video-centric. In our paid marketing campaigns at Image boosters, we’re seeing increasing engagement with video content and decreasing engagement with our written content. Why? Video content is more natural to how we experience the world.

Plus, internet speeds have basically quadrupled since 2008. Faster streaming speeds only further improve video content performance.

  • 4. PODCAST

This is a downloadable recorded audio file, best made in series. Some podcast content can be very engaging and brand-building. It’s estimated that 57 million people listen to podcasts by private individuals, brands, coaches, speakers monthly. This figure has been growing steadily over the last 5+ years.


Some companies, including civic organization like BudgiT Nigeria, and Tracka have done extraordinarily well with simple infographics. In Nigeria, Seun Onigbinde’s BudgiT collects data from Government agencies and private organizations. They simply turn these data points into useful and fun infographics.


Customer feedback generally takes the form of an existing customer interview, Q&A or white paper. By simply explaining how a customer has benefited from your good or service, you can frequently create an informative and persuasive case. Hence, Customer feedback increases your brand’s Genuity and reliability.



1.      Make a Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is an infinitely large universe, some companies literally have entire teams devoted to content creation and dissemination. But if you don’t have those resources, or even if you do, it would behove you to strategize and set a plan from day one.

First, decide on your content goals and where you would like to devote your resources.

2.     Choose the Right Content

At the core of marketing is the customer. Your content should speak to your customer.

Know how and when to speak to your customer. Content is one of the most intimate ways consumers interact with your brand so it’s meant to be done with purpose and care.

Choosing the right content may mean something completely different in this scenario imagine your business is committing to a very big search engine optimization strategy. This type of marketing requires tons of robust, keyword-specific and shareable content.

3.     Make a Content Marketing Calendar

There’s a lot of reasons to make a content calendar and none of them is terribly complex,  to keep your team on the same page, to make sure you time campaigns with major industry announcements, to ensure you are pushing the same keyword phrases.

4.     Make Great Content

If you’re going to start doing content marketing, remember the most important tip in this guide: make good content. No matter what your content strategy is, without great content..there will be no evident growth.

The average person gets 20 emails per day. While email is a very effective medium, it is crowded. Standing apart means doing email marketing right., So, there is a need for you to ensure you and your team curate great original content.

5.     Distribute Your Content

Remember this: you can create amazing, engaging, informative and moving content that nobody ever sees. As a content marketer, you have to both create and distribute content.

Don’t forget to amplify your content with social media, syndication, press and even paid channels. Your content should be optimized for sharing.

6.     Content Marketing Metrics – Measuring ROI

Make sure to measure your performance. Content is great but it takes a lot of time and energy. Your content plan should include a way of measuring results. Your results should always be measured in terms of a growth or sales metric.

Make sure you use Google’s Search Console if you are trying to measure the progress of your SEO strategy. At Image boosters, we offer amazing content marketing packages with search engine optimization for small businesses, and we’ve been a success at that over time with quite a number of smiling brands.

In the long run, Content marketing becomes the winner and the surest way to growth if done consistently, it gives you a name in the market, it gives your brand an edge and keeps you being relevant amongst peers and competitors in the industry.


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