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Communicating your small business in Nigeria

In the media and the digital-based world, Brand perception is defined as the perceived value of a small business or individual based on their reputation and digital presence.

The value of your small business/brand rises and fall based on your engagement on social media and your ability to properly communicate your brand to your target audience.

Communicating your small business/brand message and building your social equity is an essential step to protecting your brand’s online reputation.

The world is evolving quickly and industries are growing. The need for companies to communicate their brands themselves and be perceived properly or wrongly.

We get asked a lot what branding really means and our answer most of the time is “your brand is your desired perception”.

Your brand perception is the soul of the brand. You basically have to know who you are then put that on the loudspeaker and communicate it for the world to key into your perception.

Here are some few games you and your team should play during your in-house strategy meetings to reveal you are true brand identity.


  1. The Keyword Game: Get everyone on your team to say what keyword comes to mind when your brand/business name is mentioned with some kind of brief explanation.


  1. The tagline Game: Come up with a tagline that can be top of mind to your consumers that sends your brand message.


  1. The ladder Game: Write down the names of all those you consider as competing brands on your level, ask everyone on the team to draw a numerical ladder, placing each brand on the ladder. Where do you fall on this ladder and why?


These games will not only help your team bond better, they also help the team understand the mission and vision of the company in order to communicate appropriately.

Hence, there’s a need to know what is relevant to the audience and the trends that your target market is responding to and how to key rightly into them.

Being sure of your identity is key as you cannot communicate what you do not know.

Your brand identity is what you want to be known for.

If you are confused about this, you should take some online brand quizzes and write down all the keywords that come to your mind when you think of your brand or what you offer.

In communicating your business, create your small business/brand personality, do you want to be known as a formal brand, fun or informal brand? Below are few tips that would help in creating your brand personality:


  1. Influence your Customers perception: Your brand’s customer perception can be gotten through surveys and feedbacks. How people see your brand might be very different from how you sell your brand. Get an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is how you’ll sell your brand to an investor within 30 seconds if you met him/her on an elevator.


  1. Know your target audience: This can be the difference between your brand being effective and it tanks. Targeting the wrong audience can be fatal. Spend time researching the audience so you understand it fully. This will give you strong foundations, letting you communicate the brand both visually and verbally.


  1. Put a face to your brand: Research has shown that in this 21st century, people don’t want to interact with robots, you should have faces in the house and virtual representation on social media that people feel like they can relate to. There must be an emotional perception with the consumer.


  1. Make bold statements: Don’t be afraid to reach out to brand send out unique email pitches and collaborate with other brands. Collaboration is the combination of huge trends, which often enhance customer experience. And it also brings together higher-end services to the customers.


  1. Give top notch customer service: Customer service is about giving customers what they want, when they want it, in the best possible way. If your business provides good customer service, you have a greater chance of keeping and increasing your customer base.


Creating these forms of Brand communication strategy will help build relevancy for your brand as you establish a permanent online/offline perception that is positive and geared toward the audience you are trying to reach.


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