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Bad design is costing you revenue


The focus of this article is to highlight how bad design is costing you revenue. Design is an essential part of any successful organization.

Clients viewing your brand will form an idea about your organization, consciously or unconsciously, according to the appearance and function of the designs. There are many ways to optimize the impact this wonderful advertising tool can make, and avoid a serious negative influence.

Firstly, you are laying for the bad design and the bad designer!  This is the most painful part of it all. You are paying for unprofessional service thereby increasing your expenditure and yielding no returns.

Secondly, bad design is chasing potential clients away. How? You may ask. The answer is not hard to see. When a potential client sees bad designs from your coy/agency, he is put off and decides to stay away. The assumption is that “a coy that presents itself badly (as seen in its design), would render a bad service or product as the case may be”.

Research has shown that purchase is influenced by good designs. In the words of Matt Merkel  “Designs influences and reinforces your brand loyalty to the products you buy, the places you shop and dine. It’s a huge economic driver in our capitalist, consumer-based society. 

Have you ever wondered why your agency’s expenditure is on the high but there no consequent traction? Well, it just might be because of bad design. Bad design is costing you much more than you know or think.

Designs can be termed bad for many reasons. Amongst them are:

1. Information overload: This happens when there are too many details in a design. The attention span of a 21st man is short. He wants to get information by just glances of 3-8 seconds. When you have too many details packed into a design you lose a large number of potential readers. This explains why that design your agency made about its product/service that had “20 reasons why you should use our product”, “19 things you are missing from not using this product” blah blah blah…. didn’t yield any result.

2. Terrible colour mix
: The human eyes love anesthetics and cam often detect when there is a colour disagreement. A design with a blue background and red or green text on it is unappealing. Almost at a glance, the viewer can detect that something is wrong. A lack of basic knowledge of colours and how they compliment themselves makes for bad designs.


For one, I won’t mind picking a brand that has good designs for its products over a brand that offers more functional benefits but has a bad design style.

So, bad designs will draw people away from your product and it’s costing you., Peradventure you are thinking of a brand to handle all your design and branding, image boosters offer all with a special package for small businesses.

Lastly, bad designs will build a chain of bad opinions about your brand. Having seen that bad designs can turn off a potential buyer when such a buyer is turned off, there is a multiplier effect as the buyer goes on to give bad testimonials about your product.


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