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5 Proven ways to get more followers on Social Media

Social Media Followers

Having more followers means significant practical benefits. These include greater reach across the target audience, superior audience engagement, better conversions, and more importantly, higher profits. 


This article will walk you through 5 proven methods for increasing your followers across your social media accounts.


You must be consistent

If you use any (or all) of these strategies for two weeks, and then give up and move onto something else, they won’t work. These need to be practiced consistently over the long haul to be effective. If you have limited time and resources to commit to social media, I’d recommend choosing only a handful of these strategies and then making sure you carry them out consistently.


You must know what your audience really wants

What you think they want and what they actually want may very well be two different things. Take a look at your analytics to see which types of posts and content have been most popular; this is what they want to see more of.


You must be a good social media citizen

While some of the tips may seem more like social media best practices, keep in mind that growing on social media is as much about keeping your current followers as it is about gaining new ones.


Create great content

On the Internet, content is king. Without content that people want to share, even the most sophisticated social media strategy is doomed to failure. Creating effective content easier said than done, (and we’ll be devoting a module to this topic in the future), but here are some tips to get you started: Remember that the content you want to share is not always what people want to receive. If your fans want mountain-­‐bike crash videos and you’re giving them 10-­‐minute video interviews with your Executive Director, you’re going to have a bad time. Value quality over quantity. While you don’t want your social media channels to become a desert, posting irrelevant content for the sake of posting drives away followers.


Evaluate your progress

Though social media seems like the Wild West at times, the best social media communicators rigorously evaluate their results and tailor their approach based on data. Analytics is a complicated field, but you don’t need a stats degree to take advantage of the sophisticated data that’s at your fingertips for free. (And, yes, we’ll be offering a module on Analytics). Have a communications plan with measurable benchmarks and evaluate your success on a monthly or quarterly basis.


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